By the end of this course you'll...

  • Understand the world of online networking

  • Be able to prepare for attending virtual events

  • Be able to effectively build relationships online

  • Know what to expect from different online event formats

  • Have your own elevator pitch ready

  • Feel way more confident about attending online networking events!

  • 1.5 hours long - you can learn in your own time and at your own pace!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Section 1_Introduction

  • 2

    The Principles of Networking

    • Section 2_Principles of Networking

    • Principles of Networking Worksheet_Section 2

  • 3

    Digital Events

    • Section 3_Digital Events

    • Digital_Events_Worksheet_Section_3

  • 4

    Event Etiquette

    • Section 4_Event Etiquette

  • 5

    How to Prepare

    • Section 5_How to Prepare

    • Preparing Pitch Worksheet_Section 5

  • 6

    Know Like Trust

    • Section 6_Know Like Trust

    • Quiz!

  • 7

    Connection Marketing

    • Section 7_Connection Marketing

    • Connection Marketing Video

    • Connection Marketing Worksheet_Section 7

  • 8


    • Section 8_Trust

    • Trust_Worksheet_Section_8

  • 9

    Summary and Action

    • Section 9_Summary and Action

    • Final Quiz!

    • Actions Worksheet_Section 9

  • 10

    Bonus Chapter!

    • Section 10_Bonus

    • Resources Sheet_Section 10


Chris Robers

Durham University Business School

"Predictably I met Jeni through networking events and this, years later, was my first chance to have her deliver a session for our students at Durham. Jeni is an outstanding speaker and she presents information about an often vague and tricky subject in a way that's not only clear and easy to understand, but also motivates you to get out and do it. The tasks were practical and engaging and from the continued attention from the students and the questions they asked it was clear that they took a huge amount away to support them with their own networking in the future. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jeni to anyone wanting to find out more about networking and improve their own strategy and approach."

Elly Roper

Marketing Specialist. Freelancer. Entrepreneur. Professional Organiser.

"Jeni really knows what she's talking about - definitely an expert in the field of professional networking! I saw Jeni give a talk on the importance of networking. She changed my outlook completely, and as a result I changed the focus of my marketing. The result has been extraordinary. Now 90% of my business comes from professional networking, and my business has grown faster than I ever thought possible. I'm in the right rooms with the right people, and winning bigger clients and bigger contracts as a result. I genuinely cannot recommend Jeni enough for her specialised knowledge and training!"

Maxine Henry

Founder The People Place HR & Beyond Partners

"To anyone who maybe a little bit nervous about networking or not sure where to start, I can totally recommend Jeni Smith's course. I've just finished last cohort and it was excellent...she got the sock puppets out...worth it just for that"

Matt Somers

Founder & Managing Director, Matt Somers Coaching. Skills. Training.

"Like many people, Covid19 caught me off guard and I had to find a way to transition my business almost overnight. As I moved away from group workshops and towards more one-to-one coaching I realised that my marketing was going to have to change too. I was going to have to significantly raise my game when it came to networking and, given there were no face to face events anymore, I needed some help in learning to adapt. Along came Jeni and although I hadn’t worked with her before, I knew of her from a glowing and growing reputation. Over the course of a four week programme I was reminded of some of the real fundamentals of networking which apply whether on or offline. I also gained some genuinely new insights which have already produced results for me. She wraps all of this in her unique Networking Ecosystem which turns networking from some mysterious art into a series of practical steps. I’d be surprised if anyone remained a reluctant networker after having worked with Jeni."

Ann English

The Visual Communicator Create Intrigue

"Thought provoking talk on Strategic Networking by Jeni. Fascinating insight into the Business Networking Ecosystem based upon Jeni’s extensive networking knowledge and experience, backed up with a research project by Durham University. The talk encouraged us all to think differently when attending networking events and why you should approach them with a strategy because you are investing your time and money. Whilst it's been proven that networking can lead to business, having a strategy means that it is time well spent. Thanks Jeni for sharing your wisdom."